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Sunday, July 6, 2014


It is a warm summer night
The sun has long closed its eyes
Letting the moon battle
The darkness of the night

I take a walk
Down the beautiful creek
Listening to the increasing sound
Of the rushing water
As I get closer and closer

I let the wind caress my face
And take away my daily burden
I let my feet guide me
Through the narrow path
Gently kissing the ground
With each step I take

I finally come to a stop
I sit on a rock
Take off my shoes
look at my feet
and slowly dip them in the water

I let the air glide through my nostrils
Down into my insatiable lungs
The air fills me with life
And we become one

I breathe in
I breathe out
I am in the moment
I am alive

© 2014 Edmond Nsheuko

Monday, May 9, 2011


I often ask myself what is the purpose of life.
I often wonder what lies beyond our life.
Faith and science might have answers to these questions,
But my brain still keeps wondering.

Why am I here?
And where do I go from here?
While I am here, how do I deal with my reality
Or what I perceive as reality?
My brain keeps wondering, time keeps passing
And slowly I move towards my end.

I once came across this quotation that said
“The point of life is not to arrive at your grave safe and sound,
But to skid in sideways, out of control screaming, 'Whoa...What a ride!'"
I liked it, I kept it on my computer,
And I read it sometimes just to keep me going.

The ride of life is sometimes smooth,
Sometimes bumpy,
Making us question life itself.
Nevertheless, we must still take pleasure in living our life.

Life is like clay;
We can give it whatever shape we want;
We can mold it into a creative work of art;
The more creative we are, the better it looks.

To me,
life is a gift,
A precious gift,
That we must celebrate every single day
Good things in life don't come quite often,
But if we learn to recognize and acknowledge them,
Then we will be headed for a wonderful ride

Edmond Nsheuko@2008